godz. 19:00
czas projekcji: 70'
CSW Łaźnia / Parakino
ul. Jaskółcza 1
Gdańsk Dolne Miasto

Berlin Kidz2 // reż. Urban Spree

Berlin Kidz2, reż. Urban Spree, 2017, 70′
Film niemieckojęzyczny z angielskimi podpisami

Paradox presents „Fuck the System”, the second movie from the legendary daredevil Berlin Parkour crew „Berlin Kidz”, released as a limited collector DVD edition in December 2017, sold out in a month, and now available as an exclusive on demand video.

4 years after the first DVD, „Fuck the System” is an adrenaline-fuelled 70′ action documentary filmed by the Berlin crew with drones and go-pro cameras to closely capture the essence of parkour, train surfing, urban climbing & risk-taking graffiti in a gripping cat-and-mouse chase in the heart of the german metropolis.

With „Fuck the System”, we follow the Berlin Kidz from the very inside in their unrelenting quest for freedom.


Berlin Kidz – Fuck The System Urban Spree Vimeo.